Oh hey, it’s 2018 now.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 1 1/2 years hopping around the country from New Orleans, spending chunks of time in Arizona, L.A., Tennessee, and Florida.

Most of it has been all right, some of it downright fun.

Then in August, I finally settled down for a bit and took some headshots:

Pretty good, right?

I also worked on a pilot called Unintentional Community.

It’s essentially The Office on a hippie commune. I play the naysaying, sarcastic newbie Sandy. The production group was great and I’m working with them on other projects coming soon.


Oh, I also picked up a feral cat in Arizona.


His name is Sea Captain.


Usual Girls @ The Signature Theatre & One-Act for the Oneness Project

Rehearsal shots from a pair of Spookfish Theatre Company productions this spring!

First up, Usual Girls, which goes up at the Signature Theatre in New York City:

Aaaand these are from barkbarkbark, which went up at the Sargent Theatre:

Stills from “Final_Final”

Here are some stills from a film I shot back in November, which should start making festival rounds soon. I played Ethan, an advertising copywriter punching up his very last pitch.

I had a great time working with everyone- masterminds Andrew May, Chris Baker, and Kate Torgovnick May especially- and I really enjoyed being up at that secluded cabin in Liberty, NY hearing stories about the local sandwich shop’s obsession with TOWER HEIST.

Joined the Playground Experiment

I recently took part in a pair of readings with the Playground Experiment out of Greenwich Village. It’s a cool community of writers, actors, directors, producers, coffee drinkers, and theater fans coming together for some great new work.

Here’s a few pics from my stints in Jonathan Calindas’ Home to the Sea & David Brian Colbert’s Temple.

Summer/Fall Recap

Most of my summer was spent playing a Canadian soldier in the play Dead for Breakfast. I made the bold choice of having my character, the idiot turned genius Private Billings, speak with a Bob and Doug McKenzie-style hoser accent. It was a pretty long rehearsal process, but I had fun during our run and came away with an newfound appreciation for red sweaters. HEIL MAPLE.

I didn’t come away with any great pictures though I did grab a pic of my bio in the program:


I also took part in a reading series for the Noel Coward Society, playing the part of Don Lucas in Relative Values. I did come away with pictures from that (yay) but they are blurry (noooo.)


Lastly, I headed to Milton, PA for the Black Bear Film Fest. I took part in a Q&A following a screening of the short film Tomorrow is Today, where I played the lead role of a family man at the end of his rope.


New Amazon Short

A month ago, in the span of a shift, I wrote and illustrated (with help of Frank Reply) a short story based on a true story I hated listening to at work.

So pull out your Kindle, pour yourself a glass of your favorite seasonal beverage, and let me take you all the way back to the end of the summer with A TALE OF TOO SUMMERS.

Or mix your two favorite seasonal drinks, like I do.